Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Problem Possible cause Remedy
Glassware has a
brown or blue tinge,
and film cannot be
wiped off.
This may be caused by the
Change your detergent.
Glassware is dull
and discoloured;
film cannot be wiped
The glasses are not
dishwasher-proof. The
surfaces are affected.
There is no remedy.
Purchase glassware which
is dishwasher-proof.
Tea or lipstick stains
have not been
completely removed.
The wash temperature of
the selected programme
was too low.
Select a programme with a
higher wash temperature.
The bleaching effect of the
detergent used is too low.
Change your detergent.
Plastic items are
Natural dyes e.g. from
carrots, tomatoes or
ketchup may be the cause.
The amount of detergent
used or its bleaching effect
was not sufficient to deal
with natural dyes.
Use more detergent (see
"Operation - Detergent").
Discolouration is irreversi-
There are rust stains
on cutlery.
The affected items are not
corrosion resistant.
There is no remedy.
Purchase cutlery which is
A programme was not run
after dishwasher salt was
added. Traces of salt have
got into the wash cycle.
Always run the Quick wash
programme, without any
crockery in the dishwasher
and without selecting the
Turbo function, after adding
dishwasher salt.
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