Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Unsatisfactory washing result
Problem Possible cause Remedy
The dishes are not
The dishes were not loaded
See notes in "Loading the
The programme was not
powerful enough.
Select a more intensive
programme. See
Programme chart.
There is some stubborn
soiling although most of the
crockery is only lightly soiled
(e.g. with tea stains).
Use the Sensor wash
function (see "Settings
menu, Sensor wash").
Not enough detergent was
Use more detergent, or
change your detergent.
Items are blocking the path
of the spray arms.
Rearrange the items so that
the spray arms can rotate
The filter combination in the
base of the wash cabinet is
not clean or is not correctly
This may cause the spray
arm jets to get blocked.
Clean and/or fit the filter
combination correctly. Clean
the spray arm jets. See
"Cleaning and care".
The non-return valve is open
and blocked. Dirty water has
flowed back into the wash
Clean the drain pump and
the non-return valve. See
"Maintenance - Cleaning the
drain pump and non-return
Smearing appears
on glassware and
cutlery, there is a
bluish sheen on
the surface of
glassware; film
can be wiped off.
The rinse aid dosage is set
too high.
Reduce the dosage (see
"Settings menu, Rinse aid").
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