Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

"Replenish salt" message
Fill the salt reservoir with dishwasher
salt for reactivation when the
Replenish salt message appears.
(If it appears during a programme,
wait until the end of the programme).
Confirm by pressing the middle
The "Replenish salt" message will go
After the salt reservoir has been filled,
the "Replenish salt" message may still
appear in the display if the salt
concentration has not yet reached the
correct level.
If this is the case, press the middle
button again.
The replenish salt message will not
appear if the dishwasher has been
programmed for a water hardness level
of less than 0.7 mmol/l (4 °d German
After filling the salt reservoir, run
the Quick wash programme immedi
ately (without any crockery in the
dishwasher, and without selecting
the Turbo function) to remove any
traces of salt from the cabinet.
If you only ever use combination
products containing salt and rinse
aid in your dishwasher, you can
switch the reminders off if you wish
(see "Settings menu - Replenish salt
and rinse aid reminders").
If you switch to using detergent that
does not contain salt or rinse aid, it
is important to remember to
replenish the salt and rinse aid and
to switch the reminders back on.
Before using for the first time