Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Settings menu for changing
standard settings
To open the Settings menu
Switch the dishwasher off with the
On/Off button K, if it is switched on.
Press and hold the Programme
selector button in.
Switch on the dishwasher with the
On/Off button K and keep the
Programme selector button pressed
in for at least 4 seconds.
The first option of the Settings menu will
appear in the display and all the
indicator lights will come on.
See "Display" for more information
about the display and controls.
^ Select the option you want to change.
Sub-menu options which have
already been set will have a tick
beside them.
Language !
The display can be set to appear in one
of several different languages.
You can select one of the languages
displayed via the
Languages !
Select the language you want, and
confirm your selection with the
middle button.
The flag after the word "Language"
acts as a guide if a language which
you do not understand has already
been set.
If this is the case, keep selecting the
option which has a flag after it until
you reach the
Language ! sub-menu.
Settings menu