Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Checking the filters in the
wash cabinet
The filter combination in the base of the
wash cabinet retains coarse soil from
the suds solution, preventing it
accessing the circulation system and
re-entering the cabinet through the
spray arms.
This dishwasher must not be
used without all the filters in place.
Collection of coarse soil may cause the
filters to clog. The level of soiling and
time it takes before the filters need
cleaning will vary depending on use.
The message
Check filters will appear
in the display after every 50 programme
cycles (factory default setting).
You can set the interval for this
message to appear to between 30
and 60 programme cycles (see
"Settings menu, Check filters").
Check the filter combination.
Clean it, if necessary.
Confirm the message with the middle
The display will change to show the
main menu.
Cleaning the filters
Switch the dishwasher off.
^ Turn the handle anti-clockwise to
release the filter combination a.
^ Lift the filter combination out of the
dishwasher b. Remove any coarse
particles and rinse the filter well
under running water. Use a nylon
brush if necessary.
Make sure that when cleaning
the filters, no coarse soil falls into the
circulation system, causing a
Cleaning and care