Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Cleaning the control panel and
door front
Remove any soiling immediately.
If this is not done, it might become
impossible to remove and could
cause the external surfaces to alter
or discolour.
The control panel should only be
wiped with a damp cloth.
Clean the front using a damp Miele
microfibre E-cloth*, or with a clean
sponge and a solution of hot water
and washing-up liquid. Then dry with
a soft cloth.
To avoid damaging the external
surfaces, do not use:
cleaning agents containing soda,
ammonia, acids or chlorides,
cleaning agents containing
descaling agents,
abrasive cleaning agents, e.g.
powder cleaners and cream
solvent-based cleaning agents,
stainless steel cleaning agents,
dishwasher cleaner,
oven sprays,
glass cleaning agents,
hard, abrasive sponges and
brushes, e.g. pot scourers,
melamine eraser blocks,
sharp metal scrapers,
steam cleaning appliances.
* See "Optional accessories"
Cleaning and care