Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

When filling the salt reservoir only
open the door halfway to ensure
that all the salt gets into the reservoir.
^ Press the button on the lid of the salt
reservoir in the direction of the arrow
until the flap springs open.
Lift up the funnel.
Do not fill the salt reservoir with
^ Add salt only until the reservoir is full
or until water runs out of the opening.
The salt reservoir holds approx. 1 kg
of salt, depending on the brand
Do not add any more than 1 kg of
As the salt reservoir is filled, displaced
water may overflow.
Clean any excess salt from around
the reservoir opening, and then close
the flap.
Run the Quick wash programme im
mediately without any crockery in the
dishwasher to remove any traces of
salt from the cabinet (do not use the
Turbo function if your dishwasher has
this feature).
Before using for the first time