Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Basic settings
Switch the dishwasher on with the
On/Off button K.
If the dishwasher is being switched on
for the first time, the welcome screen
will appear.
The display will then change
automatically to the screen for setting
the language.
See "Display" for more information
about the display.
^ Select the language you want, and
confirm your selection with the
middle button.
A tick
( will appear next to the
language that has been set.
Water hardness
The display will then change to the
screen for setting the water hardness.
The dishwasher must be
programmed for the water hardness
in your area.
Your local water authority will be able
to advise you of the water hardness
level in your area.
Where the water hardness fluctuates
e.g. between 6.7 - 9.0 mmol/l
(37 - 50 °d - German scale) always
programme the dishwasher to the
higher value (9.0 mmol/l in this
In the event of a fault, it will help the
service technician if you know the
hardness of your local water supply.
Enter the water hardness below:
mmol/l or °d
The dishwasher is programmed at the
factory for a water hardness level of
2.7 mmol/l (15 °d - German scale).
Select the water hardness you want,
and confirm your selection with the
middle button.
See "Settings, Water hardness" for
further information.
Finally, two messages will appear in the
After confirming these, the prompts:
: Replenish rinse aid and : Replenish
may also appear.
Press any button to confirm these. The
display will change to show the main
These basic settings will be saved in
memory after the dishwasher has been
through one complete programme.
Before using for the first time