Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Problem Possible cause Remedy
Detergent residue is
left in the dispenser at
the end of a
The dispenser was still
damp when detergent was
Make sure the dispenser is
dry before adding
The detergent
dispenser lid cannot
be closed properly.
Clogged detergent residue
is blocking the catch.
Clean the detergent from
the catch.
At the end of a
programme there is a
film of moisture on
the inside of the door
and the interior walls.
This is caused by the
drying system and does
not indicate a fault.
The moisture will dissipate
after a while.
Water remains in the
wash cabinet at the
end of a programme.
Before rectifying the
Switch the dishwasher
off using the On/Off
button K.
The filter combination in
the wash cabinet is
Clean the filter
combination. See
"Cleaning and care".
The drain pump or
non-return valve may be
Clean the drain pump or
the non-return valve. See
The drain hose is kinked. Remove any kink from the
drain hose.
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