Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Energy saving dishwashing
This dishwasher is exceptionally
economical in its use of water and
electricity. You can make the most of
your appliance by following these tips:
If your water supply is suitable, this
dishwasher can be connected to a
hot water supply for further
economies. If the water is heated by
solar panels, for example, this would
be energy efficient.
However, if your water is heated by
electricity we would recommend
connection to cold water.
^ For most economical dishwashing
make full use of the baskets without
overloading the dishwasher.
^ Choose the programme to suit the
type of crockery being washed and
the degree of soiling.
^ Select the ECO programme for
energy-saving dishwashing.
This programme is the most efficient
in terms of its combined energy and
water consumption at cleaning
normally soiled crockery.
Follow the detergent manufacturer's
recommendations on detergent
When using powder or liquid
detergent you can use
detergent if baskets are only half full.
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