Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Cleaning the spray arms
Particles of food can get stuck in the
spray arm jets and bearings. The spray
arms should therefore be inspected
and cleaned regularly (approx. every
4 - 6 months).
Switch the dishwasher off.
Remove the spray arms as follows:
Take out the cutlery tray (if your
dishwasher is fitted with one).
Push the top spray arm upwards to
engage the inner ratchet. Then
unscrew the spray arm.
Push the middle spray arm upwards
a to engage the ratchet. Then
unscrew the spray arm b.
Remove the lower basket.
^ Pull the lower spray arm firmly
upwards to remove it.
Use a pointed object to push food
particles into the spray arm jets.
Rinse thoroughly under running
Replace the spray arms and check
that they rotate freely.
Cleaning and care