Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Check your dishwasher regularly
(approx. every4-6months). This
way faults and problems can be
The external surfaces of the
dishwasher are susceptible to
Contact with unsuitable cleaning
agents can alter or discolour the
external surfaces.
Cleaning the wash cabinet
The wash cabinet is largely
self-cleaning, provided that the correct
amount of detergent is always used.
If, however, there are limescale or
grease deposits in the cabinet, these
can be removed with a proprietary
dishwasher cleaner* or conditioner*.
Follow the instructions on the
If you mainly use low temperature
programmes (below 50 °C), bacteria
and unpleasant odours can build in the
wash cabinet. To clean the wash
cabinet and prevent unpleasant odours
building up, run the Pots & Pans 75°C
programme once month.
Make sure that you also clean the filters
in the wash cabinet regularly.
Cleaning the door and the door
Wipe the door seals regularly with a
damp cloth to remove food deposits.
Wipe off any food or drink residues
which may have dripped onto the
sides of dishwasher door before
closing it.
If this is not done, mould could build up
on these surfaces as they are outside
the wash cabinet and so not accessed
and cleaned by the spray arm jets.
Cleaning the reflector panel
The reflector panel for the In-operation
indicator light is situated in the
coverplate underneath the worktop.
^ The reflector panel and its plastic
holder should only be wiped with a
damp cloth or a suitable cleaning
agent designed for use on plastic.
Cleaning and care