Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Cutlery basket (depending on model)
The cutlery basket can be placed
anywhere on the front rows of spikes in
the lower basket.
^ To avoid the risk of injury, knives and
forks should be placed with the
handles upwards in the basket.
However, cutlery placed handle
down in the basket will come out
cleaner and drier.
Place small items of cutlery in the
individual slots on three sides of the
cutlery basket.
Cutlery insert for the cutlery basket
Use the insert supplied for heavily
soiled items of cutlery.
The insert separates the items so that
they can be more easily accessed by
Fit it onto the cutlery basket if
Insert cutlery with the handles facing
downwards, and distribute them
evenly along the insert.
Loading the dishwasher