Mitsubishi FR-A5AP Oven User Manual

3.6. Pre-Operation Settings
(1) Pr. 350 "stop position command selection".
For the stop position command, either the internal stop position command or the external stop position
command using external signals (12-bit data) may be selected.
Set "9999" in Pr. 350 to make orientation control invalid.
Pr. 350 Setting Description
0 Internal stop position command
1 External stop position command
9999 Orientation control invalid (factory setting)
(2) Pr. 369 "number of PLG pulses".
Set the number of PLG pulses.
Set the number of pulses before it is multiplied by 4.
Example:Set "1024" for 1024 pulses per revolution (ppr).
(3) Pr. 359 "PLG rotation direction".
Indicates the direction in which the PLG rotates.
Pr. 359=0 Pr. 359=1 (factory setting)
Forward rotation is clockwise rotation
when viewed from A.
Forward rotation is counterclockwise
rotation when viewed from A.
Note: When the FR-A5AP is fitted and Pr. 350 "stop position command selection" is set to make orientation control
valid, the PU (FR-DU04/FR-PU04) shows the rotation direction of the PLG.
Make the setting of Pr. 359 so that FWD is displayed when the STF signal switches on or REV displayed
when the STR signal switches on.