Mitsubishi FR-A5AP Oven User Manual

3.8. Instructions
(1) The PLG should be coupled with the motor shaft or the spindle oriented with a speed ratio of 1 to 1 without any
mechanical looseness.
(2) The DC dynamic brake operated for positioning must be released in the shortest time (within several seconds).
Operating the brake continuously can cause the motor to generate heat and burn out.
(3) The servo lock function is not available after positioning stop. If the spindle must be held securely, prepare an
appropriate holding means such as a mechanical brake or a dowel pin.
(4) To ensure correct positioning, the PLG must be set in the proper rotation direction and the A and B phases
connected correctly.
(5) The orientation fault signal may be output if the pulse signal is not given from the PLG during orientation due to
an open cable, etc.
(6) When orientation control is exercised, orientation cannot be completed if "no DC dynamic brake operation" is set
in the DC dynamic brake adjusting (voltage, frequency, time) parameters. These parameters must be set to
operate the DC dynamic brake.
(7) To terminate orientation, the start signal (STF or STR) must be first switched off and the orientation signal (X22)
must be switched off. As soon as this orientation signal is switched off, orientation control ends. (Depending on
the setting of
Pr. 358 "servo torque selection", when the orientation signal remains on, orientation will continue even if the DC
dynamic brake is released as soon as the start signal is switched off. Hence, the orientation status monitored is
not set to 0.)
(8) When the retry function has been selected in Pr. 358 "servo torque selection", retry is made three times.
(Note: The first orientation counts as 1 retry.)
(9) For orientation control, set correct values in Pr. 350 "stop position command selection" and Pr. 360 "12-bit data
selection". If the values set are incorrect, proper orientation control will not be performed.
(10) The value set in Pr. 11 (DC dynamic brake operation time) should be any of 1 to 10. If "8888" (DC dynamic brake
external selection) is set in Pr. 11, the DC dynamic brake is not operated unless the X13 terminal signal is
switched on. For orientation control the DC dynamic brake is operated independently of the X12 signal.
(11) When orientation control is exercised, PID control is invalid.