Mitsubishi FR-A5AP Oven User Manual

3.9. Specifications
Stop position accuracy
1.5 degrees
Note: Depends on the load torque, load GD
, orientation speed, creep speed,
position loop select position, etc.
Permissible rotation speed PLG-mounted shaft speed (6000r/min)
Note: The motor and PLG-mounted shaft must be coupled directly or via a belt
without any slip. A gear change type cannot be used.
Orientation and creep speed setting.
Stop position command selection.
DC dynamic brake start position setting.
Creep speed and position loop select position setting.
Position shift.
In-position zone.
Position signal monitoring, etc.
Note: Set the above functions from the parameter unit.
Holding force after positioning Without servo lock function (However, when "2" is set in Pr. 370 to choose vector
control, the servo lock function is valid.)
Input signals (contact input)
Orientation command.
Forward and reverse rotation commands.
Stop position command (open collector signal may also be entered). Maximum 12-
bit binary signal.
Output signals (open collector output)
In-position signal.
Orientation fault signal.
DC power supply Prepare a 5VDC power supply for the PLG.
(Usually a
oximately 350mA)
5V, 50mA is also required for the option.
Supply power from the NC or use a general power supply.
Example: NEMIC LAMBDA ES15-5 (5V, 3A)
*When PLG feedback control and orientation control are used together, the 5V
power supply is shared between these controls.