Mitsubishi FR-A5AP Oven User Manual

(4) Pr. 356 "internal stop position command".
Set "0" in Pr. 350 "stop position command selection" to choose the internal position command mode.
In the internal position command mode, the value set in Pr. 356 is processed as the stop position command.
When the PLG pulse count is 1024ppr, one revolution of the PLG (360 degrees) is divided into 4096 positions,
i.e. 360 degrees/4096 = 0.0879 degrees per address (see below). The stop positions (addresses) are indicated in
Pr. 359=0
Origin (0)
Pr. 359=1
Origin (0)
(5) Pr. 360 "12-bit data selection".
When "1" is set in Pr. 350 "stop position command selection" and the FR-A5AX option is used with the FR-A5AP, set
stop positions using 12-bit data.
The value set in Pr. 360 should be the number of stop positions less 1.
When the number of stop positions is 20 (divided at intervals of 18 degrees), 20
1 = 19. Hence, set "19".
The stop position command is entered in binary when using the FR-A5AX.
Pr. 360 Setting Description
0 Speed command
1 Position command
2 to 127 The external stop position command may be used to set up to 128 stop positions at
regular intervals. If the external stop command entered is greater than the setting, the
stop positions are the same as those in the maximum external stop command value.