Mitsubishi FR-A5AP Oven User Manual

4.6. Pre-Operation Settings
(1) Pr. 144 "number of motor poles (PLG)".
The either of the following motors may be used. Set the number of motor poles according to the motor used:
Standard motor (with PLG) : SF-JR 0.2kW to 55kW
Constant-torque motor (with PLG): SF-JRCA 0.4kW to 55kW
Note: 1. For vector control, this parameter value is made invalid and the setting of Pr. 81 "number of motor poles"
is made valid.
2. If you set this parameter value to "0, 10 or 110" and operate the inverter, any of E.OP1 to E.OP3 occurs.
3. If you set "102, 104, 106 or 108", that value minus 100 is set as the number of poles.
(2) Pr. 369 "number of PLG pulses".
Set the number of PLG pulses.
Set the number of pulses before it is multiplied by 4.
Example:Set "1024" for 1024 pulses per revolution (ppr).
(3) Pr. 359 "PLG rotation direction".
Indicates the direction in which the PLG rotates.
Pr. 359=0 Pr. 359=1 (factory setting)
Forward rotation is clockwise
rotation when viewed from A.
Forward rotation is counterclockwise
rotation when viewed from A.
Note: When the FR-A5AP is fitted and PLG feedback control or vector control is selected, the PU (FR-DU04/FR-
PU04) shows the rotation direction of the PLG. Make the setting so that FWD is displayed when the STF
signal switches on or REV displayed when the STR signal switches on.