Mitsubishi FR-A5AP Oven User Manual

4.11. Specifications
Speed variation ratio
0.02% of the maximum speed (3600r/min) in vector control mode
(load variation 0 to 100% at 6Hz or more).
(Note 1)
Speed control range 1:1000 in vector control mode.
Speed feedback range setting.
Feedback gain setting.
PLG rotation direction setting.
DC power supply A 5VDC power supply is required for the PLG and option unit.
The 5V power supply can be shared between orientation control and PLG feedback control.
This power supply is optional.
Power supply 5VDC, current capacity 400mA or more.
(Normally approximately 350mA for PLG and 50mA for option unit)
<Power supply example> NEMIC LAMBDA ES15-5 (5V 3A)
Maximum speed 3600r/min (120Hz) in vector control mode.
Frequency response 10 to 20rad/s.
Note: 1. Load variation 100% indicates the maximum continuous operation torque value of the motor output
characteristic (refer to the relevent catalog or technical information) to the running frequency.