Miele G600 Dishwasher User Manual

Technical Information
G600 & G800 Electronic Dishwashers
4.4.2 Flow Through Heater:
The Flow Through Heater
Assembly is mounted on the (left
side) exterior of the wash cabinet.
The Flow Through Heater is
plumbed into the water path
between the Circulation Pump
Output and the Middle Spray Arm.
The Flow Through Heater Consist
of a Heater Element mounted
parallel to a metal tube that water
passes through when the
dishwasher is circulating.
As water flows through the metal
tube; the water is heated and exits
through the Middle Spray-Arm. As
the water falls to the bottom of the
wash cavity, it passes through the
filter and re-enters the Circulation
Pump - the process then repeats.
The Temperature Sensor monitors
the water temperature until the
programs specified temperature is
reached. Generally the water heats Figure 4-3: Flow Through Heater
about 2
per minute.
Heating Element switching is performed by the electronic via a Relay.
The relay (when energized) closes contacts to provide the Heater
Element with 120VAC. Two Temperature Limiters are mounted along
the element and provides protection by opening up the circuit should
the temperature become to high.
Flow Through Heater Electrical Data
9.6 k.Ohms