Miele G600 Dishwasher User Manual

Technical Information
G600 & G800 Electronic Dishwashers
6.0 Fault Diagnosis
6.1 General Information
Every electronic controlled Miele dishwasher has three modes
accessible for services purposes:
Programming Mode
Service Mode One
Service Mode Two
6.2 Programming and Service Mode - Features
6.2.1 Water Hardness Programming
The Water Hardness Value can only be programmed if the
dishwasher is programmed to the “With Water Softener” setting.
For entering the water hardness (grains per gallon / parts per million)
of the incoming water. Refer to the model specific Operating Manual
for further details.
6.2.2 Drying Options (As Applicable)
Accessed by the customer in the Programming Mode for extending the
duration the Turbothermic Fan is on, during drying.
An additional amount of time can also be programmed by a technician
using Service Mode 2. Refer to the model specific Timing Chart for
6.2.3 Water Intake Duration
This setting adjusts the maximum duration the dishwasher has to fill
with the proper amount of water. The default setting is two minutes. An
extended value of four minutes can be programmed for low pressure
Since water volume is determined by the Flowmeter, the dishwasher
may fill in less time than the actual programmed duration.