Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Caring for the environment
Disposal of the packing material.
The cardboard box and packing ma-
terial protects the appliance during
shipping. It has been deliberately de-
signed to be biodegradable and recy-
clable. Please dispose of these ma-
terials as you would any other
recyclable products.
Disposal of your old machine.
Old machines contain materials which
can be recycled. Please contact your
local recycling center about the possi-
bility of recycling these materials. Make
certain the machine has been made
child resistant as outlined in the “Import-
ant safety instuctions” before disposing
of the appliance.
Energy saving washing.
These dishwashers are exceptionally ef-
ficient in their use of water and elec-
tricity. You can make the most of your
appliance by following these tips:
Make full use of the baskets without
overloading the dishwasher for the
most economical washing.
Choose a program that best suits the
degree of soiling and the type of
dishes being washed.
If the baskets are only half full, use
the ECONOMY program.
Use the correct amounts of deter-
gent and rinse aid.
Caring for the environment