Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Items not suitable for dishwashers
Cutlery with wooden handles.
Wooden cutting boards.
Glued items such as old knives with
handles that are glued together
around the shank of the blade.
Hand made craft items.
Copper or tin items.
Plastic items which are not heat resis-
Please note:
Silver or aluminum items may suffer
some discoloration.
Aluminum parts (eg. oven hood
grease filters) should not be cleaned
using commercial or industrial deter-
gents. These high alkaline deter-
gents may damage the machine,
and in extreme instances, cause ex-
plosive chemical reactions.
Silverware previously cleaned with a
silver polish may be damp or
spotted at the end of a program
where water has adhered to the pol-
ish. This can be rubbed off with a
soft, dry cloth. Silver that has pre-
viously been cleaned in an immer-
sion dip is usually dry at the end of a
program, but may discolor (tarnish).
Colors on dishware that have been
painted over the glaze may fade
over time.
Clouding may occur on glasses after
frequent washing.
Miele recommends:
Wash delicate glassware using the
ECONOMY program or the CHINA &
CRYSTAL program with a tempera-
ture of 45 °C/115 °F (if so equipped).
This will reduce the risk of clouding.
There are no standard guidelines for
washing glassware. When in doubt,
wash by hand.
When purchasing new dishes and
cutlery, make sure they are dish-
washer safe.
Items not suitable for dishwashers