Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Adding detergent
Use only powder detergents formu-
lated for residential dishwashers.
Do not use gels or liquid deter-
Press the latch on the detergent dis-
penser. The cover will spring open.
Fill the dispenser with one to two
tablespoons of powder detergent.
Close the cover. The cover will al-
ways be open at the end of a wash
program (excluding the RINSE &
HOLD program).
Generally, filling the dispenser with one
to two tablespoons of detergent will be
sufficient to ensure thorough cleaning.
If dishes are extra dirty, or if the soil has
been allowed to dry on the dishes be-
fore washing, a program utilizing a pre-
wash cycle should be selected. In this
case, extra detergent can be added to
the small compartment labeled ( I ) in
the center of the dispenser.
Dishwasher detergents contain irri-
tant and corrosive ingredients. They
can cause burns in the mouth and
throat if swallowed, or inhibit brea-
thing. Keep children away from
detergent and from the dishwasher
when the door is open.
To avoid the danger of children com-
ing into contact with dishwasher
detergent, only fill the detergent dis-
penser immediately before starting
the program.
Compartment I (prewash) takes a maxi-
mum of 1 ounce (25 ml) and Compart-
ment II (main wash) takes a maximum
of 3 ounces (80 ml) when completely
filled. There are horizontal marks to as-
sist you in filling Compartment II. The
marks indicate a level of approximately
3/4, 1, and 1 1/4 ounces (20, 25 and
30 ml respectively).
Adding detergent