Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Program sequence indication.
During the wash program, the program
knob will move around the dial and
show which section of the wash cycle
has been reached.
Pre-wash (not shown)
Main wash
–Interim rinse
Final rinse
The dial will remain stationary during
the heating stages of the wash and
rinse cycles, until the required tempera-
tures have been reached.
When the program has been com-
pleted, the dial will be in the “End” posi-
The dishwasher can now be opened
and unloaded. If the dishes are not im-
mediately needed, leaving the door
closed will allow the fan to run a few
minutes longer to remove any remain-
ing moisture.
The “RINSE & HOLD” program has
been completed when the program dial
stops just before the starting point of
the “INTENSIVE” program.
Program interruption
A program is interrupted as soon as the
door is opened. If the door is closed
again, the program will proceed from
its previous position.
The water in the dishwasher may
be hot, and steam may be present!
Only open the door if absolutely
necessary and exercise extreme
caution when doing so. The danger
of burns and scalding exists.
Once the door has been opened,
allow 20-30 seconds for the inter-
nal temperature to equalize before
closing it again, and make sure it
clicks into place.
Operating the dishwasher