Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

2.Installing the dishwasher
under the countertop.
It is preferable to install the main water
and electric supplies so that they can
be accessed through an adjacent
cabinet, rather than situating them be-
hind the machine. See the “Plumbing”
and “Electrical” sections for proper con-
nection procedures before continuing.
Certain steps in the installation proce-
dures require that the dishwasher be
pulled out of its opening. For this rea-
son, perform the final plumbing and
electrical connections
after the ma-
chine has been levelled and the front
panel has been mounted.
Install the slides.
Two slides are included and should be
installed on the feet of the dishwasher
before the machine is pushed under
the countertop. This will allow the ma-
chine to slide easier, protect the floor,
and allow adjustment of the rear level-
ing legs from the front of the machine.
Place the slides, with the ratchet at
the rear, onto the dishwasher legs.
Unscrew the legs to raise the ma-
chine to within 1/4" (5 mm) of the
underside of the countertop, and
check that the machine is level,
before sliding it into its opening.
Push the machine into the opening,
making sure the electrical cable and
hoses can reach their connection
points without being kinked.
Dishwasher installation