Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Cleaning the wash cabinet.
Generally the wash cabinet is self-
cleaning, provided that the correct
amount of dishwasher detergent is
If lime scale or grease deposits form,
they can be removed with a special
dishwasher cleaner available from the
Miele Parts Department.
Cleaning the door and the
door seal.
Wipe the door seal with a damp
cloth to remove any food particles.
Food residue and drink spillage
should be wiped from the sides of
the dishwasher door. These areas
are not normally cleaned by water
from the spray arms.
Cleaning the control panel.
The control panel can be cleaned
using a damp cloth and mild deter-
Do not use abrasive, all purpose, or
glass cleaners, as their use may
damage plastic surfaces.
Cleaning the door panel.
Plastic laminate panels should be
cleaned using a suitable, non-ab-
rasive cleaning agent, or mild soapy
Panels made from wood should be
cleaned using a soft damp cloth and
an appropriate wood cleaner.
Cleaning and care