Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Permanent Connection (Hard Wiring).
For hard wiring, the power cord must
be disconnected from the terminal box
located at the lower left front of the dish-
washer, behind the toekick and service
panel. Pass the permanent power sup-
ply cable through the strain relief and
secure it to the terminal box.
L1 (Black) to L on terminal block
N (White) to N on terminal block
GRND To ground connector
This appliance must be connected
to a grounded metal, permanent
wiring system, or an equipment-
grounding conductor must be run
with the circuit conductors and con-
nected to the equipment grounding
terminal or lead on the appliance.
Use copper conductors only.
Hardwiring the dishwasher
should only be done if required
by local electrical codes, and
then in a manner consistent with
those codes. Do not cut the plug
off the power supply cord and
connect it directly to the house
Electrical connection