Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

It is the responsibility and obligation
of the customer to ensure that the
electrical and plumbing installation
is carried out by a qualified installer
in compliance with national and
local codes and ordinances.
To help protect your home, all dish-
washers that carry the following blue
and white sticker are designed to shut
off the water and drain the wash cham-
ber in the rare event of an internal
water valve failure.
In order for this function to be active,
the door must be tightly shut, a tem-
perature must be selected, and the
program selector knob must be in
the “End” position.
Hot water supply specifications:
Recommended temperature: 120°F
Maximum temperature: 140°F (60°C)
Water pressure: 14.5 - 145 psi
(1 - 10 bar)
An air gap is built into the water inlet
system to prevent potable water from
mixing with waste water.
Hot water connection.
New plumbing:
The water inlet hose comes equipped
with a 3/4" female hose thread connec-
tor. This can be directly connected to a
shut off valve with 3/4" male hose
thread ends.
It is preferable that the hose assembly
be installed vertically so the hose
exits from the bottom of the valve box.
If this is not possible, it can be installed
horizontally as shown, provided the hose
exit remains beneath the main body of
the box (see illustration). (The “lightning
bolt” should be above the “arrow” when
the installation is complete).The valve
box should also be installed so that it is
at least 8" (24 cm) above the floor (or
base of the cabinet), and so the excess
coiled hose will remain lower than the
box at all points.
A 2" x 4" (60 x 115 mm) cutout in either
the side or bottom of the cabinet adjoin-
ing the dishwasher is necessary if the
valve box needs to be passed through.