Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Open the dishwasher door slightly. If
the locking screws on the edge of the
dishwasher door can not be reached,
the dishwasher will have to be pulled
out of its recess a few inches.
Push up one side of the door panel
until it touches the spacer bars (or
control panel if spacer bars are not
being used) and lightly tighten the
T20 Torx screw on the correspond-
ing edge of the machine door.
Repeat the process with the other
side of the door panel.
Shut the door.
Check that the door panel is adjusted
correctly. It should be snug at the
top and neatly aligned with the
cabinet drawer and door lines. If it
isn’t aligned properly, loosen the Torx
screws and readjust the panel
Once the door panel is positioned cor-
rectly :
Open the dishwasher door.
Tighten all the Torx screws on the
edges of the dishwasher door.
Use the provided caps to plug the
locking screw access holes.
Dishwasher installation