Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

3. Installing the control panel.
The control panel and hardware is packaged separately from the dishwasher. It
should be installed using the following procedure.
If a GDU decor kit is being used, (to
convert an “i” dishwasher to a “U” ver-
sion), the spacer bars
g must first be
removed and stored for possible use
in the future (See the separate instruc-
tions for installing the GDU decor kit).
If the GDU kit is
not being used, skip
the following step.
To remove the spacer bars from the
control panel, place the panel on a
table, printed side up, and gently
push down on the spacer bars at a
point near the bottom of the control
panel. This will release the mounting
bolts from their slots.
Install the number of spacer bars g
required to align the lower edge of
the control panel with the neighbor-
ing cabinet drawer line.
Place the supplied seal b onto the
ventilation grill
Push the ventilation grill c into the
metal backing plate.
Place the control panel d over the
backing plate and fasten it from the
inside of the door
e using the six
screws provided.
Align and press the program knobs
onto their shafts
Dishwasher installation