Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

4.Aligning the control panel
with the drawer fronts.
The control panel can be aligned
with the drawer fronts of the kitchen
cabinets by adjusting the spacer
Using an 8 mm socket, turn the nut
clockwise or counterclockwise until
the spacers reach the required
If necessary, individual (or all)
spacer bars can be removed.
Adjustment range
from 4 1/2" control panel with-
(112 mm): out spacer bars,
to 5 3/4" control panel with
(145 mm): four spacer bars,
to 6": using a fifth spacer bar
(154 mm): (optional accessory).
After adjusting the control panel
height, cut off the plastic screw ex-
5.Installing the custom
door panel.
A custom door panel matching the kit-
chen cabinetry can be installed on the
dishwasher by using the provided tem-
plates and bracket.
Length: 21" - 25 3/4" (53.3 - 65.4 cm)
Width: 23 1/2" (59.8 cm)
Note: The maximum panel length is
only applicable when no spacer bars
are used.
After panel installation, see Step 6 “Ad-
justing the door springs”.
Place a template on each end of the
bracket as shown, making sure the
rule marks face the outside of the
Dishwasher installation