Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Trimming the toekick
The rear of the toekick has two cutting
Screw the toekick onto the installed
brackets, with the cutting lines to-
wards the top, and pull out evenly
until it aligns with the toekick of the
adjoining cabinets.
The toekick cannot be pushed
back in. It must be unscrewed, so
that the tension on the spring
clips can be released. The
brackets can then be pushed in,
and the toekick re-attached.
Carefully open the dishwasher door
until it hits the toekick.
Using the front lower edge of the
door panel as a guide, draw a line
across the toekick.
Unscrew and remove the toekick.
If one of the cutting lines is close to
the line just drawn, score the front of
the toekick, and snap off the excess,
otherwise, trim the toekick along the
line using a saw.
Screw the toekick back onto the
brackets, with
the cut edge at the
If the dishwasher door does not open
completely, the toekick may need fur-
ther trimming.
Dishwasher installation