Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Filling the salt reservoir.
The salt reservoir should be filled be-
fore the first use and whenever the
“Salt” indicator lamp is lit. Use water
softener reactivation salt (1 - 4 mm
grain size), as other salts may contain
insoluble additives which can impair
the functioning of the softener.
The salt reservoir holds approx. 4 lbs
(2 kg) of salt.
Inadvertently filling the salt reservoir
with dishwashing detergent will
damage the water softener. Make
sure that only water softener reacti-
vation salt of the proper grain size is
Remove the lower basket.
Unscrew and remove the salt reser-
voir cap.
Before filling the salt reservoir for
the first time:
Fill the salt reservoir with approxi-
mately 2 quarts of water.
Place the funnel (provided) over the
salt reservoir.
Carefully fill with salt. As it is filled,
water will run out.
Clean any excess salt from the
threads of the reservoir opening.
Screw the cap on firmly.
If the dishwasher will not be used im-
mediately after reactivation, run the
RINSE & HOLD program. This will
remove any traces of salt from the
Water softener (Not available in US models.)