Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Problem solving guide
With the aid of the following notes,
minor problems can be easily cor-
rected. If you are unable to correct the
problem, please contact the Miele Ser-
vice Department.
Any work on the electrical compo-
nents of the appliance should only
be performed by a qualified and
trained person in accordance with
local and national regulations. Un-
authorized repairs could be dan-
Problems and possible causes.
The dishwasher does not start.
The door is not properly closed.
The plug is not properly inserted.
The circuit breaker has tripped.
The dishes are not clean.
The dishes are loaded incorrectly.
The wrong amount or type of deter-
gent was used.
The water pressure is too low (allow-
ing too little water into the dish-
washer). See “Checking the water
The water intake filter is clogged.
See “Cleaning and care”.
The filters in the wash cabinet are
not clean. See “Cleaning and care”.
The spray arm jets are blocked - see
“Cleaning and care”.
The spray arms are obstructed by
items in the baskets.
White residue is visible on cutlery
and dishes.
Not enough rinse aid was used.
No salt in the salt reservoir.
The salt reservoir lid has not been
screwed on properly.
Water remains in the dishwasher at
the end of a program.
The drain hose is kinked or clogged.
The drain pump or non-return valve
may be blocked. See “Cleaning and
After Sales Service.
Should you still have difficulties, or if
the appliance is under warranty,
please contact the Miele Service
(See back cover for address).
Please give the model and serial
number of your appliance. This infor-
mation can be found on the data
plate inside the door.
Problem solving guide