Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

For openings exactly 23 5/8" (60 cm)
Open the dishwasher door and
remove the caps covering the mount-
ing holes on the outer edge of the
wash chamber.
Fasten the dishwasher to the ad-
jacent cabinets using the supplied
screws and bushings. Make sure a
bushing is placed over the screw be-
fore inserting it into its mounting hole.
Tighten the screws and replace the
The side mounting holes should
only be used for securing the
dishwasher if the opening is
exactly 23 5/8" (60 cm) wide. Use
of this method on larger openings
will damage the machine and
cause leaks.
8.Installing the toekick.
For kitchens utilizing one continuous
or a cabinet matching toekick
To prevent damaging the front
panel, and before installing the toe-
kick, measurements must be taken
to ensure that the toekick will not in-
terfere with the complete opening of
the dishwasher door.
The panel overhang (P), and toekick
depth of recess (R), determine the maxi-
mum dishwasher toekick height (H).
If the panel contacts the toekick while
the dishwasher door is being opened,
the dishwasher toekick must be cut
shorter or recessed deeper.
If (H) is equal to or less than the toekick
height of the adjoining cabinetry, no in-
terference will exist, provided that (R) is
at least 3/4".
Note: If a decorative or flush mount toe-
kick is desired, and (R) is less than
3/4", other modifications, such as beve-
ling the top rear edge of the toekick,
may be necessary.
Dishwasher installation