Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Pour liquid rinse aid into the storage
container until it is visible on the sur-
face of the screen. Do not refill until
the “Rinse aid” indicator lamp comes
Only use rinse aid specifically
labeled for residential dishwashers.
Inadvertently adding detergent will
damage the rinse aid dispenser.
Press on the flap until you hear it
click shut. Failure to close it all the
way will allow water to enter the
reservoir during the wash program.
Wipe up any spilled rinse aid.
The flap will remain closed during nor-
mal operation.
Setting the dosage.
The dosage selector comes factory set
to 3. It can be adjusted from 1 to 6, de-
pending on your requirements. This set-
ting dispenses approximately 3 ml
rinse aid per program.
Use a higher setting if spots appear
on dry glassware.
If streaking appears on dishes or
glasses, use a lower setting.
Adding rinse aid