Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Water softener (Not available in US models.)
The water softener must be set to corre-
spond to the water hardness in your
area. This can be obtained from your
local water company or by using a test
kit that can be purchased from the
Miele Parts Department.
If the water hardness in your area is
under 7 gr/gal, it is not necessary to re-
activate the softener with salt.
To avoid the build up of calcium de-
posits on dishes, cutlery, and in the
dishwasher, the water should be soft-
ened if it is harder than 7 gr/gal.
The dishwasher is factory set for a hard-
ness level of 4 - 14 gr/gal. If your water
is harder or softer, this setting will need
to be adjusted.
To ensure a steady supply of soft-
ened water, the built in water sof-
tener must be:
1. Correctly set.
2. Reactivated with salt when depleted.
Setting the water hardness
There are six settings on the selector, lo-
cated on the right side of the wash
Using a screwdriver, adjust the water
hardness level by turning the selec-
tor switch to the appropriate setting.
Setting gr/gal ppm °f
1* 4-14 70- 250 7- 25
2 15-21 270- 380 27- 38
3 22-35 400- 630 40- 63
4 36-47 650- 850 65- 85
5 48-65 860-1170 86-117
6 66-70 1190-1260 119-126
*) factory setting
The water hardness is 340 ppm. The
water hardness switch should be set to
position 2.
Water softener (Not available in US models.)