Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Hang the bracket on the machine
Slide the top edge of the templates
under the spacer bars and control
Slide the mounting bracket up or
down until the oblong holes on the
machine door align with the corre-
sponding marks on the template (as
shown in the left side of inset
Draw a line on each template that is
even with the top edge of the ad-
jacent cabinet door (inset
Remove the bracket from the door.
Place the door panel on a flat sur-
face, good side facing down, taking
care not to scratch the surface.
Make certain that the bottom of the
panel is closest to you.
Place the bracket on the back of the
door panel and adjust it so that:
the lines you drew on the templates
align with the upper edge of the door
panel and;
the mounting bracket is centered
(left to right) on the door panel.
Tape the bracket to the door panel to
hold it in place while the mounting
holes are being drilled.
Proceed to step “Drill pilot holes ...”.
Dishwasher installation