Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Salt indicator.
When the salt reservoir is empty, the
“Salt” indicator lamp will light, notifying
you that the reservoir should be refilled
with reactivation salt.
If your water is very soft (below
7 gr/gal), the salt indicator lamp will
stay on. In this case the reservoir
should not be filled with salt. The indica-
tor lamp will remain lit and can be disre-
garded or bypassed.
Bypassing the Salt indicator
In order to bypass the salt indicator
lamp, you will need a screwdriver and
needle nose pliers.
Remove the salt reservoir cap.
Looking into the salt reservoir, you will
see the top of the float chamber on the
right hand side
Using a screwdriver, carefully pivot
the float chamber towards the center
of the reservoir.
Using the needle nose pliers, first
pull the cap
c off of the float cham-
ber, then remove the float
Replace the float chamber cap,
push the chamber back into its up-
right position, and replace the salt
reservoir cap. The indicator lamp
should now remain off.
Water softener (Not available in US models.)