Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Electrical connection
It is the responsibility and obligation
of the customer to ensure that the
electrical and plumbing installation
is carried out by a qualified installer
in compliance with national and
local codes and ordinances.
Disconnect the appliance from the
power supply before servicing the ma-
chine by pulling the plug or turning off
the circuit breaker.
Power Supply: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Rated Load: 12.5 A / 1500 W
Circuit breaker:15 AMPS
The unit is equipped with a 5 ft (1.5 m)
power supply cord for connection to a
120 V, 15 AMP grounded receptacle.
Using an outlet:
It is recommended that the power
outlet for the appliance be installed
in a cabinet or on a wall adjacent to
the undercounter space in which the
appliance itself will be located. An
opening through the partition be-
tween the compartments of 1 1/2"
(3 to 4 cm) can be made to allow the
plug to pass through.
Make certain that there are no rough
edges that could damage the power
cord. If metal cabinets are used,
place the supplied rubber grommet
around the edge of the opening be-
fore passing the cable through.
Exercise care when pulling the dish-
washer in or out, so as not to dam-
age the power cord or hoses.
In the event of a malfunction or break-
down, grounding will reduce the risk of
electric shock by providing a path of
least resistance for the electric current.
This appliance is equipped with a cord
having an equipment grounding con-
ductor and a grounding plug. The plug
must be plugged into an appropriate
outlet that is installed and grounded in
accordance with all local codes and or-
WARNING - Improper connection
of the equipment grounding con-
ductor can result in the risk of
electric shock. Check with a quali-
fied electrician or service repre-
sentative if you are in doubt as to
whether the appliance is properly
grounded. Do not modify the plug
provided with the appliance; if it
will not fit the outlet, have a
proper outlet installed by a quali-
fied electrician.
Electrical connection