Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

6. Adjusting the door springs.
The door springs are adjusted correctly
when a half opened door remains in
that position when released.
If the door drops down, the spring ten-
sion needs to be increased.
If the door closes, the spring tension
needs to decreased.
The adjusting screw is located in the
upper front strip, on the left hand side
of the dishwasher.
Open the dishwasher door.
Adjust the door springs to the cor-
rect balance by using a TORX screw-
turn clockwise to increase the
– turn counterclockwise to decrease
the tension.
7.Securing the dishwasher
to the countertop.
To ensure the stability of the dish-
washer, it must be attached to the
countertop after it has been positioned.
Insert one mounting bracket into
each of the slots located at the left
and right side of the machine top.
Push the machine into its recess and
if necessary, raise the dishwasher by
extending the feet until it just
touches the underside of the counter-
If a steam deflector is installed
under the countertop, the bracket
holes must align with the slots in the
Dishwasher installation