Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Drain system specifications:
The machine comes equipped with:
A 5 ft. long (1.5 m) flexible drain
hose with an internal diameter of 7/8"
(22 mm).
A built-in swivel connector which
allows the drain hose to be routed in
any direction.
A built in non-return valve on the dis-
charge side to prevent waste water
from flowing back into the dish-
A built-in odor trap on the discharge
side to prevent odors from entering
the kitchen.
Maximum drain height: 3 ft (1 m)
Maximum drain hose length: 12 ft
(3.5 m)
Do not shorten the drain hose.
Electrical wiring and components
should not come into contact with
any plumbing fixtures or hoses.
The dishwasher should be con-
nected directly to the drain line.
Drain connection:
D = 24" (60 cm) (nominal)
Connect the supplied drain hose to the
drain pipe of the kitchen sink either:
A - above the trap using the clamp pro-
vided, or
B - to the dishwasher connector of the
garbage disposal.
When connecting the drain hose to
the garbage disposal, make sure to
remove the knockout from the con-
nection nipple. (See disposal manu-
facturers instructions for this proce-
A sample of a correct water and drain
installation of a dishwasher is shown.
A hose that attaches to a sink spray
can burst if it is installed on the
same water line as the dishwasher.
If your sink has one, it is recom-
mended that the hose be discon-
nected and the hole plugged.