Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Operating the dishwasher
Turning on.
Close the door.
Open the water valve (if closed).
Turn the Program knob clockwise to
the desired program.
Select the desired temperature, or
the "RINSE & HOLD” program.
The wash program will begin.
If you turn the Program knob past
your desired program by mistake:
Turn the Temperature selector to
Turn the program knob clockwise
past the 12 o’clock position, until the
desired program is reached.
Select the temperature.
The new program will start.
Changing programs.
Wash temperatures can be changed
while a program is running, by turn-
ing the Temperature selector.
If a different wash program is
desired, follow the above procedure.
Turning off.
When finished, the program will stop
Your Miele dishwasher is designed to
shut off the water flow and drain the
machine in the rare event of a valve
failure. In order for this function to be
active, the door must be shut, a tem-
perature must be selected, and the
program knob must be in the “End”
(12 o’clock) position.
Operating the dishwasher