Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Loading the dishwasher
Load the dishes so that water can
reach all surfaces.
Do not place dishes and cutlery in-
side other pieces where they may be
Hollow items such as cups and
glasses should be inverted and
placed in the upper basket.
Concave based items should be
placed at an angle so that water can
run off them freely, or placed on top
of the coffee bar (See page 25).
Tall, narrow, hollow pieces should be
placed in the center of the basket,
rather than in the corners, to ensure
adequate water coverage.
Small cups and glasses should be
placed on the cup racks. Taller mugs
and glasses can be placed under-
neath the rack.
The spray arms must not be blocked
by items which are too tall or hang
through the baskets. If in doubt, test
for free movement by manually rotat-
ing the spray arms.
Some food items may contain natural
dyes that can discolor plastic items
in the dishwasher ( e.g. carrots, to-
matoes, ketchup, etc.). The stability
of plastic items is not affected by this
Some loading examples are shown on
the following pages.
In areas where the water has high
mineral content, it may be necess-
ary to polish silverware after wash-
ing to achieve a high shine.
Loading the dishwasher