Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

For kitchens utilizing the included plas-
tic toekick
The included toekick will fit without
modification when:
The machine is set to its maximum
height (legs fully extended), and
the toekick is recessed as far as
possible (4 ").
If the machine height is less than maxi-
mum, or if the toekick is recessed less
than 4 ", the toekick must be shortened
(see following page).
After installation, carefully open the
dishwasher door to check that the
front panel does not hit the toekick.
If it does, remove the toekick and trim
it accordingly.
Adjusting the toekick recess.
To adjust the depth (recess) of the
toekick, release the tension on the
spring clips as shown, and push the
mounting brackets included in the in-
stallation kit in as far as possible.
Dishwasher installation