Miele G 865 Dishwasher User Manual

Dishwasher installation
The “i” model dishwasher is specially
designed for installation under a con-
tinuous countertop.
A panel can be custom made for instal-
lation on the front of the dishwasher, as-
suring a perfect match with the kitchen
If a standard non-cabinet matching
dishwasher installation is desired, the
“i” model dishwasher can be converted
into a “U” model through the addition of
a GDU 60/65 decor kit. The decor kit
comes supplied with separate installa-
tion instructions.
To ensure stability, these dish-
washers should only be installed
under a continuous countertop
which is securely fastened to the
cabinet base units.
1) with 35" (890 mm) machine height
2) with 33 1/8" (840 mm) machine height
Range of adjustment is approximately
2" (5 cm).
1.Installing the steam
deflector, (if applicable).
A stainless steel plate is supplied to
protect the underside of the countertop
against steam rising from the dish-
washer when the door is opened. If the
countertop is made of Corian®, gra-
nite, marble or other solid, waterproof
material, the steam deflector should not
be used.
Squeeze a bead of sealant from the
supplied tube into the angle formed
by the curved edge
b of the cover-
Align the plate c with the lower front
edge of the countertop (see illustra-
tion) and use the supplied tacks to
nail it in place.
On countertops with wood or lami-
nate edging, the tacks should be
nailed through the rear holes of the
Dishwasher installation