Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

(1) Basic
Press the MENU button once and the LCD window
will show ‘1’. Use this setting to make traditional
white bread. You have a choice of 3 crust colours
- Light, Medium or Dark.
The Ma-baker Pro will default to a 1.0kg
loaf with a Medium crust colour setting.
To select a crust setting other than Medium, press
the CRUST button once for a Dark loaf or twice for
a Light loaf.
If you require a loaf size other than a 1.0kg, press
the SIZE button until you reach your desired loaf
(2) Turbo
Need bread in a hurry? The Turbo setting is used
to decrease the overall completion time of your
The breads made using this setting may be shorter
and denser because of a decrease in rising times.
Tip: The Turbo setting should only be selected
when baking White, Wheat, Sweet & French
To use the Turbo setting, place ingredients into
the bread pan and then place in the
Ma-baker Pro and press the MENU button twice, the
LCD window will show ‘2’.
(3) Gluten Free/Yeast Free
The Ma-baker Pro is the first
breadmaker to have a set recipe specifically
designed to meet the needs of many people who
have intolerances to gluten.
Due to the use of different ingredients in Gluten
Free bread there are a few handy hints which you
should read before you commence baking. Refer to
the Gluten Free instructions in the recipe section.
This setting is also the basis for the Yeast Free loaf.
Refer to the Yeast Free instructions in the recipe
Press the MENU button three times, the LCD
window will show ‘3’.
(4) Wheat
Whole wheat breads require more rising time
to accommodate the slower rising action with
whole-wheat flour. Therefore, it is normal for
whole wheat breads to take longer to bake and be
heavier in texture.
Press the MENU button four times, the LCD
window will show ‘4’.
Note: When the Wheat setting has been selected
the first knead will not commence straight away.
This is due to a 30 minute Pre-Heat feature in the
Wheat setting to ensure a good result.
(5) Sweet
This cycle is for breads that require additional
ingredients such as sugar, dried fruits or chocolate
to sweeten the bread.
Press the MENU button five times, the LCD window
will show ‘5’.
Tip: To prevent the crust from becoming too dark,
a Light crust colour is recommended.
(6) French
This cycle is for breads with crispier crusts, such as
French and Italian breads.
Press the MENU button six times, the LCD window
will show ‘6’.
Tip: This style loaf best suits loaves which are low
in fat and sugar
Menu Settings.