Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

Questions & Answers.
Why do I have to vary the amount of
flour and water in my recipes so often?
The characteristics of flour will vary from season
to season, be affected by how its stored and the
humidity in the air. Flour absorbs moisture and
so each batch is different because it has been
exposed to different conditions. Check your dough
after 10 minutes kneading, if it apears ‘sticky’ add
more flour, 1 tablespoon at a time. If your dough
appears ‘dry’ or ‘too firm’ add more water, 1
teaspoon at a time.
A well balanced bread dough will look smooth and
elastic and should be soft to the touch.
Can I use my Turbo setting for
any recipe?
The turbo setting of your bread maker can be
used for any of the white, wholewheat, sweet or
french bread recipes. However the volume will be
reduced and the texture more dense, the results
are not optimal. Experiment with this function of
your breadmaker by increasing the yeast by 1/4 to
1/2 teaspoon in your standard recipe. Make notes
of your successes so you can reproduce your turbo
What if I don’t have a scale?
We recommend that for optimum results you
weigh your flour (1 cup = 160g). You can still bake
delicious bread successfully at home without scales
if you follow the measuring instructions on page ??
Can I make program (10) Bake start faster?
No. The in-built thermostat will not allow the
machine to overheat, it must cool down for 10-1
minutes before the bake function can be started.
One way to over come this is to check your bread
when the 5 minute beeper sounds. If you feel the
loaf needs longer, use the MODIFY button (hold
down for 2 seconds) and adjust the time. Press
MODIFY again when you are finished to restart the
How can I make White bread more
You can change any of the recipes in this book to
50/50, 1/2 plain flour and 1/2 wholemeal. Thus
adding more fibre to a white loaf or lightening the
texture of a wholewheat. Just check your dough
after 10 minutes kneading and adjust water if
necessary. Remember to note your successes.
Why do you use dry milk powder, can I
use fresh milk?
Skim milk powder is used in bread recipes because
it is a more stable ingredient than fresh milk, that
is it won’t spoil. This allows you’re to use the delay
You can substitute fresh milk for the water in any
recipe, just omit the milk powder.
Is butter the same as margarine?
In terms of your bread recipes, yes. You can
substitute butter or oil for margarine in your
recipes using the same measurements.
My kids love honey, can I use it instead
of sugar?
As long as you make equal measurements you
can use honey, golden syrup, treacle, molasses
or brown sugar in place of sugar. We don’t
recommend the use of artificial sweeteners in
bread recipes.
Can I make salt free bread?
Salt plays an important role in the breadmaking
process. It controls the yeast fermentation and
affects the structure of the bread adding strength
to the gluten. Omitting salt from the recipes is not
recommended. Without salt, the bread will be an
inconsistent shape, colour and crumb. It will also
have a shorter shelf life.