Mellerware 26550550W Bread Maker User Manual

The baking progress monitor is located at the
top of the LCD screen. The monitor displays
each of the stages of the breadmaking cycle and
under each icon are a series of boxes. During the
breadmaking cycle one of these boxes is blacked
out to indicate which stage of the cycle you are in.
The pre-heat feature is part of the Wheat and
Jam settings only. During the pre-heat stage
the Ma-baker Pro is pre-warming the
ingredients before the first kneading stage
Signals that the loaf is in either of the 2 kneading
or the 2 knock-down stages.
Signals that the loaf is in one of the 3 rising stages.
During the different rise stages a low temperature
is used which assists the rising process.
Signals that the loaf is in the bake stage. This is
the final stage of the breadmaking cycle at which
a higher temperature is used to bake the bread.
Keep Warm
The Keep Warm feature starts when the bread has
completed the baking stage and keeps the bread
warm for up to 60 minutes.
Baking Progress Monitor.
Press the START/PAUSE button to commence
selected setting or begin timer countdown for
delay timer.
If you would like to pause the current
breadmaking cycle all you need to do is press
the START/PAUSE button. The time will flash
indicating that you are in ‘PAUSE’ mode. To resume
the baking cycle you must press the button again.
To stop the operation or cancel a timer setting,
press and hold for 2-3 seconds until you hear
a beep.
When the breadmaker loses power the battery
icon ( ) will be displayed. This indicates that the
machine is relying on an internal battery supply.
The Control Panel - cont.
Baking Progess Monitor